Professional Services

Adhering to the concept of professional management, we have cultivated a group of foreign trade professionals dedicated to the chemical industry, who are proficient in languages, such as English, Korean, French, and Spanish. We have a vibrant, professional, efficient, and innovative team.


Hazardous Chemicals Operating Services

Our company has operating permits for over 100 hazardous chemicals, such as highly toxic chemicals, explosive chemicals, and precursor chemicals. We also have a team of highly professional and experienced personnel who are committed to the operation and management of hazardous chemicals, providing safe, reliable, and professional services for our clients.


OEM/ODM Customized Services

We are committed to providing customized services in packaging, product technical indicators, and other aspects. We also provide packaging design and production that meets international standards, as well as technical instructions based on the customer’s needs and product features.


Safe and Fast Warehousing and Logistics Services

Together with professional third-party warehousing service providers, we offer high-quality and efficient warehousing solutions for the safe storage and management of chemical products.


Convenient Customs Clearance Service

As a business with an advanced customs AEO certification, we provide efficient and convenient customs clearance services.

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