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Product name: Fumed Alumina 100 CAS number:1344-28-1 Package:Packed in multiple layer bags (N.W.:10 KG) with pallets, 120KG/pallet, 4800KG/40’FCL. It should be k... Details
Product name: Hydrophobic Fumed Silica (TP-20) CAS number: Package:In 10 kg kraft paper bags then secured with pallet, 200kg/pallet Kept in sealed containers in a dry,... Details
Product name: Naphthol Dyes & Fast Color Base CAS number:92-77-3,132-68-3,91-96-3,92-78-4,135-65-9,92-77-3,... Package:BAG/DRUM Details
Product name: SODIUM HYDROSULFITE CAS number:7775-14-6 Package:50KG IRON DRUMS Details
Product name: VAT DYES CAS number: Package:BAG/CARTON/ DRUM Details
Product name: Reactive Blue 19 KNR CAS number: Package: Details
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