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Guangzhou Chemicals provides Special Training on "Reporting and Presentation Skills in Work"

Release date:2022/09/21

Tostrengthen the language expression and presentation ability of employees andimprove the efficiency and quality of communication and reporting in work,Guangzhou Chemicals organized a special training on "Reporting andPresentation Skills in Work" on September 14th. All employees of theCompany participated in the training.

ZhangMan, TTT training expert and business presentation expert was invited to give usa lecture. Starting from daily communication scenarios within an enterprise,the lecture introduced the training theme, teaching cases, and a series ofinteractive activities, which provoked the thoughts of the trainees andrealized the teaching and learning effect immediately. The lecture not onlyaroused enthusiasm from the trainees and most of them were engaged in immersivelearning, but also created an active atmosphere in the class.

Throughone day's study and practice, the trainees mastered the timing, structure, andskills of reporting and communication at work. They also further understoodtheir personalities through a personality test. This training received highpraise from the trainees, who said that they would practice what they learned atwork, enhance their communication and reporting skills to further improve teamworkability and organizational performance, and strive to achieve the businessgoals of 2022 with high quality and efficiency!

Text & Photoby: Zheng Weixia

(Contributed byGuangzhou Chemicals Import & Export Co., Ltd.)